Title Boxing Tuf-Wear Pro Air Boxing Gloves, Bk

Published in Boxing Gloves, Top 10 Boxing Gloves on 16th October 2014
Title Boxing Tuf-Wear Pro Air Boxing Gloves, Bk

Tuf-Wear Pro Air Boxing GlovesProduct Introduction

Pro Boxing Gloves have become mandatory for the fighters all across the globe. These gloves are specially designed to safeguard the fighters as well as their opponents against serious injuries. There are different types of boxing gloves available in the market. They are differentiated on the basis of weight, size, colors, design and make. Some of the common sizes of the boxing gloves are eight ounce, ten, twelve and sixteen ounces. There exist a variety of styles of boxing gloves. The choice of boxing gloves depends upon the purpose of using them. Some of the boxing gloves are pre-molded. This means they are already shaped in the form of a fist. One just needs to slide the fingers into the gloves, naturally curling inside. Some of them are molded and the user needs to form the surface for hitting, while others are fastened together with string or with the help of Velcro. Boxing gloves are designed to handle the force of impact on the users. Bigger boxing gloves that are heavy in weight either decelerate or accelerate at slow rate. Deceleration reduces the force involved on both user and the opponent. Such boxing gloves result in less acceleration and therefore, less damage to the brain. Title Boxing Tuf-Wear Pro Air Boxing Gloves are the Best Pro Boxing Gloves that are most recommended by the trainers and coaches in boxing.

Product Details

Title Boxing Tuf-Wear Pro Air Boxing Gloves are available in two basic colors, black and white. They can be sourced in all sizes, right from ten ounce to twelve ounce, fourteen ounce and sixteen ounce. These boxing gloves from Tuf Wear come in incredible design. The users of the boxing gloves get the Pro Air experience for their workouts as well as bag training sessions. The boxing gloves are composed of double nylon mesh that is precision integrated with Pro additions both to the palm and the thumb area. This design allows the users to keep their hands cool and dry during the training session. The compilation of the multi layer foam offers additional power, protection and shock absorption features to the users. What makes the boxing gloves set apart from the ordinary ones available in the market is the full grain leather cover that is quite tough. Get Boxing Gloves from Tuf Wear as they stand the test of time, offering maximum longevity as well as durability. The liner of the inner glove comes with full moisture wicking properties along with high grade elastic. Title Boxing Tuf-Wear Pro Air Boxing Gloves are enabled with wraparound wrist strap composed of leather. This feature makes sure that the boxing gloves remain supportive and secure around the wrist of the user for the training requirements.


The boxers who wear Title Boxing Tuf-Wear Pro Air Boxing Gloves have an edge over the opponents. These boxing gloves are designed in such a way that they offer additional protection to the hands of the users. When the fighters wear quality gloves offered by Tuf Wear, they are ensured that there will be less damage to their hands during the match. It is advisable to wear boxing gloves to avoid different types of injuries that one might face during matches. The thickness of Tuf Wear Pro Boxing Gloves is just right. It plays an important role in keeping the hands of the user secure. Many coaches recommend Title Boxing Tuf-Wear Pro Air Boxing Gloves as the brand is known to offer high end boxing gloves meant for the professionals.


There are no such disadvantages.


Title Boxing Tuf-Wear Pro Air Boxing Gloves are the Best Pro Boxing Gloves designed for use in various types of martial arts. Get Boxing Gloves from Tuf Wear to avoid various injuries and make the most of the investment.


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