PunchTown Boxing Gloves Reviews | Best Of Boxing World

Published in Boxing Gloves, Top 10 Boxing Gloves on 16th October 2014
PunchTown Boxing Gloves Reviews | Best Of Boxing World

PunchTown Tenebrae Boxing GlovesProduct Introduction

Boxing is a sport that needs not only physical strength but also physical comfort. Without the right type of sporting accessories, it may be difficult to excel in any type of sport. One of the most crucial factors of boxing is the pair of pro boxing gloves. One needs to definitely get boxing gloves of supreme quality to be able to perform better especially, if one is professionally inclined. PunchTown is one such company which manufactures sporting goods since the year 2009 in UK. PunchTown is known to have never compromised on quality. It invests considerable time, manpower and money to develop high quality sportswear. PunchTown Boxing Gloves are one of the most attractive works brought to surface by the company so far.

Product Details

PunchTown Pro Boxing Gloves are priced between $44.70 and $84.99 on most of the online stores. With a complete vintage finish, these pro boxing gloves are designed using full grain leather. It includes an independent dual strap system based on the new BOA –TITE 2. The gloves include a very smart design where the palms can relax to get rid of all the perspiration. This pair of pro boxing gloves is available in the colors of crimson, gold, black and white. These premium quality boxing gloves are available on various offline and online stores. In the latter option, one can choose to have the product shipped at the place of residence too. These are available in the sizes of 6 ounce and 12 ounce.


PunchTown Pro Boxing Gloves are one of the most celebrated sporting accessories in the world of boxing. Whether it is the royal leather finish or the latest technology of BOA – TITE 2 used, these Pro Boxing Gloves are highly commendable. These probably are the best pro boxing gloves available in the market and which offer comfort along with performance. One can get the right grip and feel while using them. People into boxing should get boxing gloves from PunchTown so that they could get the wonderful experience of holding a stylish and comfortable pair of gloves. The dual wrist strap system of PunchTown Pro Boxing Gloves is quite operational. Few of the users believe that these are the only gloves which offer maximum wrist fit to the user. Now whether the user wants his fans to follow him for gold, crimson, black or white color, it is completely his choice. All these colors accentuate the style quotient of the product.


While the pro boxing gloves from PunchTown have brought smiles to many faces, there are few people having criticism to share. These users have experienced difficulty in wearing the second glove. Since the first hand is already wearing the glove it gets difficult to adjust the second glove accordingly.


If someone is looking to be confident on the boxing field whether at home, work or stage, one can definitely rely on PunchTown Pro Boxing Gloves. These are the best pro boxing gloves when it comes to comfort, fit, style and quality. No doubt, sometimes it can get difficult to adjust the second glove when the first one is already put on. But, one is sure smart enough to seek assistance from around to snug his or her hand tight (as per individual preference) enough to get the desired fit. No user will ever miss out on appreciating its thumb lock support (full length). The interiors of the product have been carefully designed using premium material so that the pro boxing gloves run for a longer frame of time.


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