Gungfu ProForce Leatherette Boxing Gloves – Black with Red Palm / 12 oz.

Published in Boxing Gloves, Top 10 Boxing Gloves on 16th October 2014
Gungfu ProForce Leatherette Boxing Gloves – Black with Red Palm / 12 oz.

Gungfu ProForce Leatherette Boxing GlovesProduct Introduction

The Professional Boxing Gloves, often referred to as the Pro Boxing Gloves are the gloves made up of soft cushioned material. These boxing gloves are worn by the fighters onto their hands while they play the matches of boxing. Apart from the boxing matches, these pro boxing gloves are also used by the boxing players during the training sessions. The boxers as well as the trainers generally get boxing gloves to protect their hands during practice.

These pro boxing gloves can be used in simple boxing or kickboxing, or for any fitness related cardio work out which involves the kick boxing or boxing exercise. One can get boxing gloves used while learning sparring activities like karate or Kung Fu. The use of pro boxing gloves mainly leads to fewer injuries on the face as well as the body. However, these boxing gloves can avoid the superficial wounds but it does not prevent the brain from any damage caused during sparring.

Product Details

The pro boxing gloves by Gungfu are the best pro boxing gloves that could be worn during the sparring sports like karate or kickboxing. These professional gloves are specially made for boxing and its training and therefore, it is made with the highest grade of foam core. A lining of cotton material has been stitched into it for imparting additional comfort. The outside part of these Gungfu pro boxing gloves are made from the fabric of leather.

The Gungfu Pro Boxing Gloves are appropriate for both- the men as well as the women and it could be used by the beginners to the advanced boxers. These pro boxing gloves are available in black color with the red color on the side of the palm. The palm area of these gloves is vented too.

The approximate weight of these boxing gloves is 1.5 pounds. These gloves are designed to provide a pre-curved fit and a flexible grip. The cuffs and the wrist strap are attached with a hook and a loop to enable the closing of these boxing gloves. Thumb lock is also designed in this boxing glove which measures 12.8 x 5.9 x 4.9 inches in size.


The Gungfu Pro Boxing gloves are created from high quality of black leather, which makes it durable along with the classy look. The cotton lining into these gloves absorb the sweat and make it very comfy for wearing. Because of its pre-curved model, these pro boxing gloves allow sufficient flexibility with appropriate grip. Hence, this means that Gungfu boxing gloves are the best pro boxing gloves one can own.

The looped closure with a hook into these pro boxing gloves not only keeps the glove in place but it also makes it easy to wear or take off. The thumb lock into these gloves enables amazing comfort for the thumb part while putting them on, taking off or during the time of wearing these gloves.

The Gungfu pro boxing gloves are thus, an ideal for shadow boxing, martial arts, cardio or sparring. It has the excellent fit and superb support to the wrist. The vented palm area of these boxing gloves is beneficial as it provides ventilation to the hands while it is on hand. This saves the boxer from coming across the pungent smell or sweat issues.


It is always advantageous to wear the pro boxing gloves while boxing, kick boxing, martial arts or any such activities. But, the major disadvantage of these pro boxing gloves is that it does not allow the boxer the same level of flexibility, as it is available when one is practicing the same sport bare handed.

However, given this disadvantage, the boxing gloves must be worn all time during the boxing matches or its training to prevent the unwanted harm to the hands as well as other body parts.


From the above details, we find that the Gungfu pro boxing gloves are comfortable, easy to wear and made of good quality. Hence, it must top the list of the buyer’s choice for the boxing sports equipment.


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