Piranha Gear A/Leather 10 oz Boxing Gloves

Published in Boxing Gloves, Top 10 Boxing Gloves on 16th October 2014
Piranha Gear A/Leather 10 oz Boxing Gloves

Piranha Gear A/Leather 10 oz Boxing GlovesProduct Introduction

Boxing gloves are not only worn by the boxers but all those athletes who are dedicated towards their practice sessions. The use of boxing gloves has not remained limited to boxing but many other sports where players require additional protection for their hands. Pro Boxing Gloves are being used during any such activity that requires the user to strike and punch the opponent. Such activities are prominent in the sports of boxing where fighters are required to box in the ring. They are even involved in sparring as well as working with the heavy punching bags. Many athletes wear boxing gloves while performing martial arts, practicing cardio kickboxing and doing similar activities. It is necessary to choose the right type of boxing gloves for the particular sport. Not all sports require the players to wear heavy boxing gloves. Hence, the boxing gloves are differentiated based on their weight, size, style, design, colors, brand and the make. The right type of boxing gloves offers enhanced protection to the users and even makes sure that the participants are safe. Wearing boxing gloves the right away offers comfort while increasing the enjoyment of the game. Piranha Gear A/Leather 10 oz Boxing Gloves are the Best Pro Boxing Gloves that are designed according to the specifications of the game.

Product Details

Piranha Gear Pro Boxing Gloves are designed to offer comfort and protection of the highest levels to the users. It comes with Velcro closure. This feature is included to make sure that not all the users are required to manage with the same size. Velcro enables them to fit the boxing gloves to their hand for better comfort. The boxing gloves from Piranha are injection molded and enabled with foam of high density. They are somewhat lighter in weight and softer at feel, designed for both women and kids. Piranha Gear A/Leather 10 oz Boxing Gloves come with thumb tie. This offers additional safety. The seams of the Piranha Gear A/Leather 10 oz Boxing Gloves are not quite stressed when the user is striking the bag or even the partner. Get Boxing Gloves from Piranha as they last for a longer duration as compared to the rest in the category. The padding of the boxing gloves from this brand is made additionally comfortable to offer more protection to the hands of the users.


Piranha Gear Pro Boxing Gloves are composed of leather. They are 10 ounces in size. The boxing gloves are designed smaller in size to some extent. They are of the size that lies between medium and large. This has been done so that they can fit snugly and comfortable to the smaller hands of the users, especially women. The Velcro of the boxing gloves is very wide and comes with high end elastic strap. The large slit opening in the boxing gloves make them simple and easy to wear. They can be worn or removed with ease. In spite of such comfortable features, the Pro Boxing Gloves offer additional support to the users when they are closed. The boxing gloves do not put any kind of stress on the arms or the shoulder area of the users. This is because they are 10 ounce in size and not 16 ounce. They are British styled and come with the feature of a thumb tie that keeps the thumb of the user tied to their forefinger. This is often required by many sports authorities for preventing detached retinas.


Get Boxing Gloves from Piranha as they do not offer any kind of disadvantage to the users.


The Best Pro Boxing Gloves were initially designed for the purpose of use in boxing, MMA, UFA and Muay Thai. However, later on it was revealed that they work fine even with sports like Karate, Krav Manga and other martial arts.


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