Cleto Reyes Professional Fight Gloves – Official/Safetec

Published in Boxing Gloves, Top 10 Boxing Gloves on 16th October 2014
Cleto Reyes Professional Fight Gloves – Official/Safetec

Cleto Reyes Pro Boxing GlovesProduct Introduction

There are different types of boxing gloves available in the market. While choosing the right one, the fighter needs to keep certain things in mind. The first step while picking the best boxing gloves is to seek an advice from the instructor. It is always advisable to take the help of coaches or trainers who have good knowledge and can recommend the best fit to the fighters. Pro Boxing Gloves are an investment one makes for a longer term. Hence, it needs to be perfect and worthy of the price. Many amateurs just visit a sport’s store and purchase the boxing gloves on the basis of their looks or price. However, this is completely a wrong approach. Best gloves may not be pricey or cheap. They should offer a better fit and comfort to the users. Most of the boxing gloves just fall apart early as their design and make is not reliable. One should keep the objective of purchasing boxing gloves in mind. They are required to protect the hands of not only the fighter but also that of the opponents. Hence, they need to be of certain make and design. Cleto Reyes Pro Boxing Gloves are the Best Pro Boxing Gloves that have become a favorite of the fighters across the globe.

Product Details

With the introduction of Cleto Reyes Pro Boxing Gloves, fighters can wear the official fight gloves for their training sessions. The boxing gloves from Cleto Reyes are contoured with high end safetec foam. This foam is manufactured such that it lasts for more than 200 times. This number is much larger than that offered by the normal fight gloves. The boxing gloves from this brand are formulated for such a density that it is equal to that of fight gloves used in official matches. The use of water repellent nylon material for inner lining makes it professional. The high end cowhide sets the quality of the product apart from the average. Get Boxing Gloves from Cleto Reyes to notice the difference between the products. The brand has combined the old school type of craftsmanship with the latest innovative techniques while making these set of boxing gloves. Hence, the boxing gloves are of high quality. They feature shock dispersing innovative foam technology as well, benefitting the players. The professional fight gloves from Cleto Reyes come with molded foam. It offers complete protection and even maintains the hard hitting qualities that make the brand recognized in the market. The foam composition of the boxing gloves is such that it is perfect for both bag as well as mitt work.


Boxing is a sport that requires the fighters to wear different types of protective gear to avoid different types of risks and injuries during the game. Wearing Pro Boxing Gloves protects the fighters in more ways than one. It not only reduces the risks of impact on the hands of the fighters but also their opponents. Pro Boxing gloves from Cleto Reyes has been designed to offer highest level of protection to the users. It safeguards the hands of the fighters. As the hands of the user are the main weapon in this sport, the Pro Boxing Gloves become the armor for them inside the ring. In case of serious injuries to the hands of the boxer, he or she might even have to end their career. Hence, it is necessary to invest in good quality boxing gloves. Get Boxing Gloves from Cleto Reyes to make the most of this safety gear.


There are no drawbacks of wearing these Best Pro Boxing Gloves.


Cleto Reyes Pro Boxing Gloves have been designed to offer a great fit and comfort to the users. The design is such that it retains the slim shape to offer the fighters highest level of precision in punching.


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