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Boxing gloves are not only worn by boxers but all those athletes who are dedicated towards their practice sessions. The use of boxing gloves has not remained limited to boxing but many other sports where players require additional protection for their hands. Pro Boxing Gloves have become mandatory for the fighters all across the globe. These gloves are specially designed to protect the fighters as well as their opponents from serious injuries. There are different types of boxing gloves available in the market. They are differentiated on the basis of weight, size, colors, design and make. Some of the common sizes of the boxing gloves are eight ounce, ten, twelve and sixteen ounces.

Utilization of pro Boxing Gloves in Sports:

While choosing the right one, the fighter needs to keep certain things in mind. The first step while picking the best boxing gloves is to ask the instructor. It is always advisable to take the help of coaches or trainers who have good knowledge and can recommend the best fit to the fighters. Pro Boxing Gloves are an investment one makes for a longer term.

 Top 10 Boxing Gloves of 2015 | Comparison & Reviews :


ProBoxing Gloves Comparison
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Cleto Reyes
8, 10 oz
Black, Red, Blue, Mexican flag, Pink, Silver, White, Yellow
Safetec foam
Water repellent nylon lining
Provides great comfort while retaining its slim shape, Attached thumb and extra long laces
8,10,12,14 oz
100% High Tech Artificial Leather
IMF Foam Padding
7.5cm wide elastic PU Velcro strap
12,14 oz
Tough synthetic leather
1.5\" of impact resistant foam
Attached thumb, wraparound hook-and-loop closure
10,12,14,16 oz
Black/Pink, Black/Silver, White/Black, White/ Pink
Extra hand padding
Extra weight, wide and tight Velcro closure.
Pro Impact
16 oz
Excellent Quality Genuine Leather
Engineered with triple-layered foam core
Extra long cuff with full wrist wrap hook and loop closure, Attached thumb
Tuf Wear
10,12,14,16 oz
Tough full grain leather
Multi-layer compilation of power, protecting and shock absorbing foams
Full moisture wicking inner glove liner
Eastic with leather wraparound wrist strap
Piranha Gear
10 oz
Artificial leather
Injection molded, high density foam
Very wide velcro / elastic strap and large slit opening
12,14 oz
Black with Red Palm
Quality foam core
Cotton lining
\"Hook and loop wrist strap Vented Palm\"
Twins Special
8,10,12,14,16 oz
Premium Leather
Extra hand padding
Attached thumb
12, 16 oz
Red, White
Full-grain leather BOA-TITE 2 strap
BOA-TITE 2 strap

Top 10 Boxing Gloves 2015 brands present in this segment:

Genuine-Leather-Boxing-Gloves-Black-16-Oz-h1. Genuine Leather Boxing Gloves Black 16 Oz. Pro Impact: Pro Impact Pro Boxing Gloves are the Best Pro Boxing Gloves available in the market. Their design and make are sure enough to confirm this. The boxing gloves from Pro Impact are composed of genuine leather of excellent quality. These competition gloves are designed to be used both for training and sparring. The buyer will not need to invest in two set of gloves with Pro Impact. The boxing gloves are engineered using triple layered foam core. This offers highest levels of protection during the sparring and training sessions. Pro Impact Pro Boxing Gloves are made of all leather. This provides both comfort and durability to the users. It comes with the feature of attached thumb. The boxing gloves feature extra lengthy cuff along with full wrist wrap-hook. The loop closure of the boxing gloves is designed to offer a better fit to the users. The boxing gloves offer tight support to the wrist. They are quite easy to use. Bigger the gloves, then higher becomes the protection. This is because bigger gloves come with the benefit of extra padding. Get Boxing Gloves from Pro Impact. They are professionally designed to offer protection to the fighters during the game.[Read More..]

Cleto-Reyes-Professional-Fight-Gloves-Official-Safetec-h2. Cleto Reyes Safetec Professional Fight Gloves: With the introduction of Cleto Reyes Pro Boxing Gloves, fighters can wear the official fight gloves for their training sessions. The boxing gloves from Cleto Reyes are contoured with high end safetec foam. This foam is manufactured such that it lasts for more than 200 times. This number is much larger than that offered by the normal fight gloves. The boxing gloves from the brand are formulated for such a density that it is equal to that of fight gloves used in official matches. The use of water repellent nylon material for inner lining makes it professional. The high end cowhide sets the quality of the product apart from the average. Get Boxing Gloves from Cleto Reyes to notice the difference between the products. The brand has combined the old school type of craftsmanship with the latest innovative techniques while making these set of boxing gloves. Hence, the boxing gloves are of high quality. They feature shock dispersing innovative foam technology as well, benefitting the players. The professional fight gloves from Cleto Reyes come with molded foam. It offers complete protection and even maintains the hard hitting qualities that make the brand recognized in the market. The foam composition of the boxing gloves is such that it is perfect for both bag as well as mitt work.[Read More..]

Title-Boxing-Tuf-Wear-Pro-Air-Boxing-Gloves-Bk-h3. Title Boxing Tuf-Wear Pro Air Boxing Gloves: Title Boxing Tuf Wear Pro Air Boxing Gloves are available in two colors, black and white. They can be sourced in all sizes, right from ten ounce to twelve ounce, fourteen ounce to sixteen ounce. These boxing gloves from Tuf Wear come in incredible design. The users of the boxing gloves get the Pro Air experience for their workouts as well as bag training sessions. The boxing gloves are composed of double nylon mesh that is precision integrated with Pro additions both to the palm and the thumb area. This design allows the users to keep their hands cool and dry during the training session. The compilation of multi layer foam offers more power, protection and shock absorption features to the users. What makes the boxing gloves set apart from the ordinary ones available in the market is the full grain leather cover that is quite tough. Get Boxing Gloves from Tuf Wear as they stand the test of time, offering maximum longevity as well as durability. The liner of the inner glove comes with full moisture wicking properties together with high grade elastic. Title Boxing Tuf Wear Pro Air Boxing Gloves are enabled with wraparound wrist strap composed of leather. This feature makes sure that the boxing gloves remain supportive and secure around the wrist of the user for the training requirements.[Read More..]

Piranha-Gear-ALeather-10-oz-Boxing-Gloves-h4. Piranha Gear A/Leather 10 oz Boxing Gloves: Piranha Gear Pro Boxing Gloves are designed to offer comfort and protection of the highest levels to the users. It comes with Velcro closure. This feature is included to make sure that not all the users are required to manage with the same size. Velcro enables them to fit the boxing gloves to their hand for better comfort. The boxing gloves from Piranha are injection molded and come enabled with foam of high density. They are somewhat lighter in weight and also softer, designed for the use by women as well as kids. Piranha Gear A/Leather 10 oz Boxing Gloves come with thumb tie. This offers additional safety. The seams of the Piranha Gear A/Leather 10 oz Boxing Gloves are not quite stressed when the user is striking the bag or even the partner. Get Boxing Gloves from Piranha as they last for a longer duration as compared to others in the category. The padding of the boxing gloves from this brand is made additionally comfortable to offer more protection to the hands of the users.[Read More..]

Gungfu-ProForce-Leatherette-Boxing-Gloves-h5. Pro Boxing Gloves by Gungfu: The pro boxing gloves by Gungfu are the best pro boxing gloves that can be worn during sparring sports like karate or kickboxing. These professional gloves are specially made for boxing and its training and therefore, it is made with the high grade of foam core. A lining of cotton material has been stitched into it for increased comfort. The outside part of these Gungfu pro boxing gloves are made from the fabric of leather. The Gungfu Pro Boxing Gloves are appropriate for both- the men as well as the women and it could be used by the beginners to the advanced boxers. These pro boxing gloves are available in black color with the red color on the side of the palm. The palm area of these gloves is vented too. The approximate weight of these boxing gloves is 1.5 pounds. These gloves are designed to provide a pre-curved fit and a flexible grip. The cuffs and the wrist straps are attached with a hook and a loop to enable the closing of these boxing gloves. Thumb lock is also designed in this boxing glove which measures 12.8 x 5.9 x 4.9 inches in size.[Read More..]

TWINS-SPECIAL-BOXING-GLOVES-h6. Premium Leather Boxing Gloves by Twins Special: Twins Special Pro Boxing Gloves are the best pro boxing gloves made from the premium quality of leather. Specially made for the high level of Martial arts fighters, these pro boxing gloves are designed with a Velcro strap at the wrist for perfect fitting. The Twin Special Pro Boxing Gloves are created in a variety of sizes depending on their weight. One can get boxing gloves of this type in six different sizes- 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 oz. gloves. The first two sizes i.e. the 8 and the 10 oz. gloves should be used for the competitive sessions. However, the remaining four sizes- 12, 14, 16 and 18 oz. gloves are perfect for the training as well as the fighting stretches. This special pro boxing glove comes into a bright green color and has extra hand padding attached to it. These boxing gloves are made up of several layers of foam to protect the hand of the boxer while punching. These twin special pro boxing gloves are designed with the multiple layers of fine quality material to handle the pressure of the difficult strikes and defend the boxer in an effortless way.[Read More..]

Adidas-Response-Boxing-Gloves-h7. Adidas Pro Boxing Gloves: Adidas Pro Boxing Gloves are designed using molded (IMF) foam padding. One is likely to find it in the sizes of 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz and 14 oz. This is one of the best pro boxing gloves because of its strong making and durability. It is manufactured in the beautiful color combination of black and red. The exterior of the pro boxing gloves is designed using super strong PU3G shell. The palm of the pro boxing gloves is made up of unique ClimaCool. The Adidas Pro Boxing Gloves feature hook-loop system through 7.5 wide Velcro strap. The use of artificial leather gives a very stylish look to the pair of pro boxing gloves. In the online market it is available in most of the sizes at about $39.99. During shipping, these pro boxing gloves may weigh about 10 pounds.[Read More..]

PunchTown-Tenebrae-Boxing-Gloves-h8. Punch Town Pro Boxing Gloves: Punch Town Pro Boxing Gloves are priced between $44.70 and $84.99 on most of the online stores. With a complete vintage finish, these pro boxing gloves are designed using full grain leather. It includes an independent dual strap system based on the new BOA –TITE 2. The gloves include a very smart design where the palms can relax to get rid of all the perspiration. This pair of pro boxing gloves is available in the colors of crimson, gold, black and white. These premium quality boxing gloves are available on various offline and online stores. In the latter option, one can choose to have the product shipped at the place of residence too. These are available in the sizes of 6 ounce and 12 ounce.[Read More..]

Warrior-Boxing-Gloves-h9. Warrior Pro Boxing Gloves sizes: Warrior Pro Boxing Gloves are used in training, fighting, sparring and bag work. These are made up of synthetic leather which is very strong and tough to bear any kind of shock. The leather used in Boxing gloves is also covered with more than 1.5 inch of foam which makes it extremely hard and terrific. Its capability of impact resistance is just amazing. They cover the whole wrist around 360 degree near arm’s area. These Pro Boxing Gloves have attached thumb with them which helps them in maintaining good security. Pro Boxing gloves are designed with hook and loop system which makes it user friendly. Warrior Pro Boxing Gloves can be easily worn and taken off effortlessly. Warrior Pro Boxing Gloves comes in a combination of black and white color. It gives it a trendy and stylish look at the same time. Pro Boxing Gloves comes in two sizes which are 12 oz and 14 oz. It can fit to most of the hands. Pro boxing gloves can be easily shipped to any part of the world. One can easily get boxing gloves from online medium or through retail stores.[Read More..]

Twins-Boxing-Gloves-Flourish-h10. Twins Pro Boxing Gloves: Twins Pro Boxing gloves are great for trainings as well as for fights. Pro Boxing Gloves are constructed for big fights like Muay Thai, Boxing and many other international fights in the world. These boxing gloves are crafted with the finest leather which makes the gloves very tough and robust. Inside the glove, there is foam which increases the protection of hands from many injuries. These Pro Boxing gloves are designed so beautifully that they provide excellent wrist support and hand protection. The Twins Pro Boxing Gloves comes in different sizes which are like 10oz boxing glove, 12oz boxing glove, 14oz boxing glove and 16oz boxing glove. The oz boxing gloves are considered as ideal ones for international fights and trainings. People can buy these gloves according to their choice of color. They are available in many color combination like white/black, black/pink, pink/white etc. Pro Boxing gloves are considered as best pro boxing gloves for heavy workouts. Their extra weight is great for better practice and fights.[Read More..]