Warrior Boxing Gloves

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Warrior Boxing Gloves


Venum is a well known name in the world of boxing. Since its inception in 2006, Venum has come up with some of the best boxing gloves like Venum Challenger 2.0, Venum Giant 3.0 and Venum Elite. As the name suggests, these gloves are of premium quality. They are completely handmade in Thailand with 100% premium Skintex Leather. This in turn gives you the best combating experience. They are highly durable and generally last up to a couple of years. As synthetic leather is not concerned with the slaughtering of animals for their skin and fur, these gloves are extremely popular amongst the vegans and are very well received by the environmentalists also. These are easy to clean, sanitize and maintain. Furthermore, as these gloves are designed out of Skintex leather, your hands won’t smell once you remove them as at times happen with the gloves which are developed from real leather. Venum Elites are considered technologically modified gloves because it contains a thermal regulation pad along the interior, made out of breathable mesh to cut down on sweat and keep you in full control of your gloves all the time. The triple density foam provides extraordinary shock distribution that will enable you to fight for long with strength. You will most likely increment your striking dimension while limiting the upsetting sensation at the impact areas. This also brings down the risk of injury of yours and your opponent. The Velcro strap is wide and when tightly strapped not only ensures the protection of your wrists but also aids proper shock absorption and disbursement. The thumb features positions your thumb accurately to avoid the risk of injury. When it comes to the cost, these gloves are a bit costly. The good quality synthetic leather basically elevates the cost. Therefore, keeping in mind the quality, it is worth spending on it.

Product Specification

Venum is the manufacturer and holds a history of producing premium quality gloves for boxing. The model number of the gloves is 0984-16oz-P. The size of these gloves range from 8 oz to 16 oz. they are available in multiple colors mentioned in the table below. They are made up of 100% premium Skintex Leather and Triple density foam which gives good cushioning and fabulous shock absorbency. Long and wide Velcro when tightly strapped gives proper grip and support to your wrists and hands. The gloves weigh 2 pounds.

Customer Rating




Model Number



8,10,12,14,16 oz


Black/Gold, Black/Red/Grey, Black/White, Grey/Grey, Khaki/black, Matte/Black, Navy Blue/White, Neo Orange, Neo Pink, Neo Yellow, White/Black, White/Black/Red, White/Gold, White/White.


100% Premium Skintex leather

Foam Padding

Triple-density foam


2 Pounds


The gloves are made of 100% premium Skintex leather and are of premium quality.

These gloves are handmade in Thailand with emblazoned Venum logo.

Strengthened seams make them highly durable

Triple Density Foam that provides superb shock absorbency and helps to protect you and your opponent from improper injury

They are non-abrasive and comfortable as being made out of prime leather.

Easy to clean, sanitize and maintain

It has a thermal regulation pad along the interior made out of breathable mesh to lessen the sweat and keep your hands moisture free.


They have a long life

They are made up of prime quality Skintex leather

Triple density foam for shock absorbency and enhanced protection of hands

Thermal regulation pad that makes the gloves breathable


Huge array of colors to choose from

Over 20 professional designs to select from


These gloves are slightly expensive.


Venum is a trusted brand name and Venum Elite is a modish and elegant model. The look and feel of these gloves will make you feel great. Triple layered foam padding and thermoregulation pad renders appropriate grip and support. Albeit these all round boxing gloves are quite expensive, these gloves last for a long time and definitely are a good choice to make.

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