Twins Special Boxing Gloves Green Color Premium Leather With Velcro

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Twins Special Boxing Gloves Green Color Premium Leather With Velcro



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Title is a well known and reputed brand. They are popular amongst the amateurs as well as the professional fighters. The Pro style hull is made up of top full grain leather also known as genuine leather. These gloves are extremely comfortable. As genuine leather is used to develop these gloves, they are durable and long lasting. It holds up under heavy use over long stretch of time. Title uses multi- layered foam for its padding and the padding is located throughout the hull, filling the front, knuckle area and the back of the hand parts. The multi layer shock absorbing foams over the fist and back of hands offer you all the power and coverage that you want in a training glove. Full wrap around twin ply leather wrist strap with hook and loop closure for most extreme security, support and delivery. A satin nylon hand compartment liner repulses moisture and dampness and keeps the gloves fresh between uses. The multi layered foam cushioning also brings down the risk of injury. The build from stitch to padding is superb. It fits the natural curvature of your hand extremely fine.

Product Specifications and Key Features

Customer Rating



TITLE Boxing

Model Number



12,14,16 oz


Black/White,Blue/White, Purple/White, Red/white


Genuine Leathe

Foam Padding

Multi-layer shock absorbing foam


2 Pounds

Title Boxing is the manufacturer and Title as a brand needs no introduction to the boxing addicts

Title Pro Style leather training gloves bear the model number TVVTG- BOX

The sizes available are 12oz, 14oz and 16 oz

Title offers a variety of color options- in a combination of Black and White, Purple and White and Red and White.

The gloves are made up of top full grain leather which is another name of genuine leather.

The genuine leather construction makes the gloves last long and can be used extensively.

Title employs multi layered foam padding which provides protection to your hands and also gives super shock absorption capacity.

Comfortable and fits any sized hands with the help of sturdy laces and Velcro straps.

The wrist strap is made up of a two ply style leather build which provides proper wrist support and guarantees added hand protection.

The gloves also contain a satin lining inside that helps to keep the hands moisture free and dry.

The weight of these gloves are 2 pounds

Mid range of cost

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Full grain real leather is used to develop these gloves

They are suitable for both beginners and professionals

They have a long life expectancy, they are durable

Multi layered foam lining inside the gloves ensures full protection and significantly reduces the risk of injury

Satin nylon hand compartment liner helps repel moisture retention and keep your hands moisture free and dry. This also keeps the gloves fresh between uses.

These gloves fall in the mid bracket of prices.


These gloves have the tendency to develop an odor


Title Pro Style Leather training gloves are one of the best gloves available for the boxers. These gloves are widely used by the amateurs as well as the professionals. Not very expensive, proper wrist control and attractive look will leave one cheering in the stands. You won’t regret spending on these g loves. You can definitely beat the price for the quality Title offers. It can always be suggested to make a stride up with Title.

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