Twins Boxing Gloves Flourish

Published in Boxing Gloves, Top 10 Boxing Gloves on 26th December 2018
Twins Boxing Gloves Flourish


The founder of Fairtex, Mr Philip Wong’s profound knowledge and vast experience was indeed a boon for the boxers and the boxing world as a whole. He has developed this high quality fight protection gloves. These gloves are made in Thailand. The gloves are made of premium leather that helps it to withstand the attacks of the opponent. The padding is made of Fairtex Signature three- layered foam which makes them light and ensures 100% protection of your hands. Fairtex Kickboxing gloves are all purpose boxing gloves. These comfortable gloves can be used for bag and pad work. Hence, they are considered versatile. It is worth mentioning that the genuine leather construction and microfiber leather lining makes them fully odorless. The wraparound hook and loop wristband is easy to use and intended to give a superior fit for greater comfort and control. You get an extended slit in the palm side giving you a little more blowjob room in a sparring match to minimize recoil and maximize the full use of the cushioning. Fairtex gloves are soft and are quite expensive. High quality material and proficient craftsmanship increases the cost of the gloves. Additionally, these gloves have a long life expectancy. They last for years and this vindicates its cost.

Product Specification and Features

Fairtex manufactures these gloves.

They are available in all the sizes for men, women and kids ie 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz and 18oz.

You have a vast color range to choose from.

Genuine leather is used to develop these gloves.

These gloves are handmade in Thailand

Three layered foam which gives proper cushioning and ensures proper protection of your hands and wrists.

The gloves weight 2 pounds

The gloves have a long lasting future

Extremely resilient Velcro

Customer Rating





8,10,12,14,16,18 oz


Black/White,Black/white/Pink,Blue,Blue/Black, Blue/Black/White, Dark cloud, Falcon Gold,Nation Black, Nation White, pink/Black,Red, Red/Black, Red/White/Black/White Trim,Solid Black, Solid Blue Turkis.




2 Pounds


They are made of premium genuine leather which makes them soft, cozy and comfortable

Increased shock absorption capability due to three layered foam padding

They are all purpose gloves.

They suit the needs of the beginners as well as professional boxers

They are known for their longevity

Comfortable foam also provides extra protection

Multiple colours to choose from

Huge range of styles

This is one of the most preferred brands


These gloves are quite costly


When you purchase gloves, quality and comfort matter the most and one must not compromise with either of the two. Fairtex gloves strictly adhere to the quality standards and develop their gloves with genuine leather that undoubtedly suits the taste, desire and purpose of the users. Being light, comfortable and of course well designed, these all purpose gloves are simply superb. Albeit costly, but its quality and longevity justify the price. Have them for once and enjoy forever.

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