Gungfu ProForce Leatherette Boxing Gloves – Black with Red Palm / 12 oz.

Published in Boxing Gloves, Top 10 Boxing Gloves on 23rd December 2018
Gungfu ProForce Leatherette Boxing Gloves – Black with Red Palm / 12 oz.


Venum Challenger 2.0 is basically designed for bag and fitness training and light sparring. Therefore, they are best for amateurs and others who want to receive general light training, however they can be used by professionals as well. Skintex leather is used to build its hull. Skintex leather is a kind of leather that falls on the higher end of synthetic leather. The gloves have a very attractive look that resembles real leather. As they are made out of synthetic leather, they are extremely popular amongst the vegans and environmentalists. Moreover, the gloves are easy to maintain as they are made from synthetic leather. They require less washing. Although the gloves doesn’t contain sweat reducing mesh, but it suits the natural shape of your wrists and hands. The large Velcro closure and elastic ensures a tight fit and gives an excellent grip. This also produces super wrist and hand stability. They are soft and comfortable and won’t cause any irritation even after using it for long hours. They additionally have three layers of foam that keeps the hand shielded from jostling stuns and hard hits. The triple density foam also provides matchless shock absorption, thus ensuring proper protection of your hands and extending your training time. From the hand contouring construction to the attached thumb, there is everything you desire in a boxing glove. The gloves weigh less and are undeniably a good place to start. Last but not the least; the gloves are affordable with no compromise on quality.

Product Specifications

Venum manufactures these gloves and they are available in all sizes (8, 10, 12, 14 and 16oz). it also offers you a huge array of colors like White, Black, Blue, in a combination of Black and Gold, Black and Grey, Black and White, Red and White and many more. They are made from PU leather and hence are odorless. Triple density foam provides excellent padding and the Velcro provides super grip.

Customer Rating





Quality PU Leather


8,10 ,12,14,16 oz


Black/Black,Black/Gold, Black/Grey,Black/Black Neo Orange, Black/Red, Black/White,Blue,Blue/Red/White,Gold, Grey/White/Black, Khaki/Black, Pink, Red, Black/Gold, white, white


Triple Density Foam


3 Pounds


PU leather constructions that looks like real leather

Curved anatomical design with reinforced palms and fully attached thumbs guarantees more secure striking

The strap around the wrist has both Velcro and elastic that ensures a more customizable fit and support for rigorous training sessions.

Embossed Venum logo (3D touch effect) on each glove integrated into high performance design

The gloves weigh less (3 pounds)

Three layered foam for better padding and overall protection.


PU leather construction

Vegan friendly and popular with the environmentalists

They are great for amateurs and beginners

These gloves have a long life expectancy, they are highly durable

Fits the natural shape of your hands and wrists

Triple density foam for better padding and shock absorbency

The gloves are affordable


They have a limited use


Venum has definitely not compromised with the quality standards. They are a good place to start for beginners. Superb design, excellent fit and of course being affordable, one will be definitely satisfied using them

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