Genuine Leather Boxing Gloves Black 16 Oz. Pro Impact ($80 Value)

Published in Boxing Gloves, Top 10 Boxing Gloves on 25th December 2018
Genuine Leather Boxing Gloves Black 16 Oz. Pro Impact ($80 Value)


The third giant of boxing gloves brands- Cleto Reyes makes just the most noteworthy quality gloves with astounding materials. The gloves are made of goat leather. They are meant for thumping your opponents out and are likewise frequently used in competitions and fights. The reason being they are loaded up with less cushioning. Due to less padding, these are not recommended for sparring. Less padding gives you comparatively less protection but more knockout power. This requires a notable mention that these gloves go through a long testing process before they finally reach the market. The unique hook and loop closure gives you more control over your wrist mobility. They enable firm and speedier alteration. They have two whole inches of padding in the punch area for better protection. The attached thumb helps to thwart eye and thumb injuries. The gloves are quite easy to maintain and very easy to slip on and slip off. Interior water- repellent lining keeps moisture and dampness from entering the padding. They are handmade in Mexico and as stated earlier they are manufactured under strict quality control. Cleto Reyes gloat a great life expectancy. These gloves on an average last for 3 to 4 years. These gloves fall in the category of expensive gloves, but considering its superlative quality and great durability, the price is justified.

Product specifications

Cleto Reyes manufactures these gloves and they are available in the following sizes- 12oz, 14oz, 16oz and 18oz. the gloves are quite attractive and offer over 30 different styles to choose from. They also offer a wide variety of colors. One can choose from the following list- Black, Blue, Green, Purple, Red, Solid Gold, Tiger Orange, White and many more. Goat skin leather is used to develop these gloves. They have 2 inches of latex foam that gives adequate protection to your wrists and hands. The water- repellent lining prevents moisture from entering the padding. The gloves weigh 2 pounds

Customer Rating



Cleto Reyes


Goatskin Leather


12,14,16, 18 oz


Black, Blue, green,green, green, purple, red , solid Gold , Tiger Orange, White, Yellow, Black-Extra-padding, Black-(Extra padding),Silver, USA


Bonded Leather

Foam Padding

2 inches of latex foam


2 Pounds


Developed from goat skin leather

2 inches latex foam for protection

Interior water repellent lining

3 to 4 years life expectancy

Full hook and loop closures

Complete with an attached thumb for safety to help prevent eye and thumb injury


They are made from goat skin leather which reduces sweating.

Handmade in Mexico

Easy to maintain

They are highly durable

Latex foam for protection of wrists and hands

Premium quality and craftsmanship

Water- repellent lining that keeps the hand dry and moisture free


These gloves are quite expensive

Some claim them too stiff


Cleto Reyes makes only the premium quality gloves with superior quality materials which can be frequently used in competitions and fights. One can feel more knockout power wearing them and it must be noted that these gloves undergo a special quality check before they arrive in the market. In a nutshell, these gloves are superb. Although they are costly but in case you buy them, you won’t regret it.

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