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Hayabusa gloves are immensely popular in the world of boxing for their speed, power, durability and comfort. These are one of the best boxing gloves available in the market. The external shell of the gloves is made up of microfiber leather. This synthetic PU Leather has been proven to perform better in terms of flexibility, surface abrasion, tear and crack resistance than genuine leather. This makes the T3 gloves ready to endure the most thorough preparing and keep going for a long time. The foam layering and composition guarantees maximum shock absorption through its compression. It quickly regains its original shape to be at full strength and capacity for the next hit. This makes the gloves protect your hand and what you are striking hit after hit. The dual strap closure system gives a lace like fit that provides proper wrist support. The 4 splint gives correct wrist alignment. This enables you to put more power behind each punch and concentrate on your intensity without worrying about your form or injury. As made out of microfiber leather, the gloves are crack, abrasion and tear resistant. This also makes the T3 gloves able to put up with the most rigorous training and last for a long time. They look modish and are expensive.

Product Specifications and Key features

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Microfiber Leather


10 ,12,14,16 oz


Black/Blue,Black/Green, Black/Grey, Black/Purple, Black/Red, White/Black

Foam Padding

4 layer foam


2 Pounds

The gloves are manufactured by Hayabusa

They are available in the following sizes- 10oz, 12oz, 14oz and 16oz

Color variations include Black and Blue, in a combination of White and Black, , Black and Grey and Black and Red

The gloves weigh 2 pounds

The microfiber leather lining gives the gloves super flexibility and also makes them tear and crack resistant

Multi layered foam gives tremendous shock absorbency

The gloves also have an anti- odor lining

Dual strap closure system gives a lace like fit and this also gives proper wrist support

The 4 splint gives proper wrist positioning which allows one to strike with more power and focus on the intensity without worrying about the structure or injury.

It eliminates sweat speedily with the microfiber thumb

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Premier Microfiber leather construction, lined with high quality fabric

4 layered foam for better shock absorbency

Tear and crack resistant unlike real leather

Flexible, modish and comfortable

Eliminates sweat quickly and keeps the hands dry and moisture free

They are all purpose gloves. They are perfect to use as boxing training gloves, kickboxing gloves, heavy bag gloves and sparring

Dual X closure system gives lace- like fit

Top tier wrist support conveyed by 4 interlocking splints at the back of the hand

They are durable

The gloves are odorless


The gloves are very costly.
Their price is higher than many other glove brands


The Name Hayabusa rightly speaks for the gloves. The gloves give you everything required for boxing- utmost protection, strength and confidence. From proprietary foam materials, anti- odor lining and microfiber leather shell, it gives the ultimate feel that you will cherish.

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