Best pro boxing gloves guide

Boxing is a competitive sport and involves fighting with the fists. So the people who want to take up boxing must have proper hand protection. Proper hand protection of yours and your opponent is ensured by boxing gloves. Boxing gloves are cushioned gloves that boxers wear during matches and practices. However, the use of boxing gloves has not remained limited to boxing but other sports where players require additional protection for their hands. One needs to take into account several factors like quality, size, weight, usability etc while purchasing the gloves. Getting the wrong gloves can seriously injure you and your opponent which may prohibit you from training for several weeks. Therefore, it is always advisable to take the help of coaches and trainers who have good knowledge and can recommend the best fit to the fighters. The boxing gloves enduring a high quality will give you comfort, proper grip and support and enhanced power. The gloves also improve your performance with time.

Top Boxing Gloves of 2019


Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Gloves are one of the best boxing gloves that boxers and boxing enthusiasts crave for and use frequently. Made out of superior quality leather, they are easy to clean and maintain. Sanabul develops their gloves with Gel imbued foam which ensures good protection of your hands and wrists while training. With increased shock absorption capacity, it reduces the risk of injury. The gloves are stylish and are designed to fit the natural shape of your hands. They are extremely comfortable and Sanabul corroborates that the pair of gloves are breathable and can keep your hands cool. These performance engineered leather gloves give you a better grip and are superb for amateurs and bag trainers. The premium quality leather used also ensures that your hands don’t smell obnoxious once you take them off. Most importantly, the gloves are highly affordable. As compared to other boxing gloves, Sanabul’s Gel Boxing Gloves are reasonably priced and anybody can afford to purchase. When it comes to durability, it fails to impress its users as its future is relatively short.

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Trideer comes up with these supreme quality Pro Grade Boxing Gloves for boxers and boxing addicts. These gloves are ideal for professional boxers. Trideer has maintained its tradition of constructing these gloves using quality faux leather for great durability and high performance. These gloves have a much stronger Velcro, tighter wrap and overall, feel sturdy and secure. The gloves are more flexible and less stiff than other boxing gloves making it absolutely suitable for Kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA and Sparring Training. These gloves are designed in such a way so that you can think about an adversary just as ensure your hands and wrists completely. Apart from that, the gloves look modish and are highly distinguishable when it comes to its slick design, gloss and texture. They also have multi- density foam that ensures comfort and gives matchless shock absorption capability which also brings down the likelihood of injury for you and your opponent.

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Everlast is one of the most distinguishable brands in the world of boxing. With a long history of untarnished reputation, Everlast probably sells the maximum number of boxing gloves per year. Everlast pro boxing gloves are perfect for beginners. They have a long life and are sturdy with great balance. Pro style gloves are designed for optimum training. They provide perfect punching technique because they suit the natural curvature of your hands. Additionally, these gloves are dense and full padding on the front and back of the wrist support proper technique. One of the greatest highlights is the Thumb Lok which keeps the thumb and fist positioned accurately consistently. This also prevents the risk of injury. The gloves are made up of PU or Polyurethane leather which gives the look of real leather without having to rely on the animal hide for its production.

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Venum is a well known name in the world of boxing. Since its inception in 2006, Venum has come up with some of the best boxing gloves like Venum Challenger 2.0, Venum Giant 3.0 and Venum Elite. As the name suggests, these gloves are of premium quality. They are completely handmade in Thailand with 100% premium Skintex Leather. This in turn gives you the best combating experience. They are highly durable and generally last up to a couple of years. As synthetic leather is not concerned with the slaughtering of animals for their skin and fur, these gloves are extremely popular amongst the vegans and are very well received by the environmentalists also. These are easy to clean, sanitize and maintain. Furthermore, as these gloves are designed out of Skintex leather, your hands won’t smell once you remove them as at times happen with the gloves which are developed from real leather.

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Fairtex Muay Thai Style Training Sparring Gloves

The founder of Fairtex, Mr Philip Wong’s profound knowledge and vast experience was indeed a boon for the boxers and the boxing world as a whole. He has developed this high quality fight protection gloves. These gloves are made in Thailand. The gloves are made of premium leather that helps it to withstand the attacks of the opponent. The padding is made of Fairtex Signature three- layered foam which makes them light and ensures 100% protection of your hands. Fairtex Kickboxing gloves are all purpose boxing gloves. These comfortable gloves can be used for bag and pad work. Hence, they are considered versatile. It is worth mentioning that the genuine leather construction and microfiber leather lining makes them fully odorless. The wraparound hook and loop wristband is easy to use and intended to give a superior fit for greater comfort and control.

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Cleto Reyes Hook & Loop Training Gloves

The third giant of boxing gloves brands- Cleto Reyes makes just the most noteworthy quality gloves with astounding materials. The gloves are made of goat leather. They are meant for thumping your opponents out and are likewise frequently used in competitions and fights. The reason being they are loaded up with less cushioning. Due to less padding, these are not recommended for sparring. Less padding gives you comparatively less protection but more knockout power. This requires a notable mention that these gloves go through a long testing process before they finally reach the market. The unique hook and loop closure gives you more control over your wrist mobility. They enable firm and speedier alteration. They have two whole inches of padding in the punch area for better protection.

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Twins Special Velcro Boxing Gloves  

Twins is one of the most reputed brands in the world of Muay Thai. They are continuing the tradition of introducing best boxing gloves for last 60 years. The gloves are made of real genuine leather. They sport sturdy Velcro closures and enhanced wrist stability which stands second to none. These gloves are also less bulky. Forever and a day of improvement and development under highly stressful conditions have made these gloves a polished gem. They offer great comfort and protection of your hands and can be used for vigorous training sessions and sparring. The extra padding doesn’t only give you utmost protection and great shock absorbency but also protects your partner during sparring. A three layered foam system used for padding makes it a durable one. The breathable construction ensures you will reduce on hand sweat and keep your hands moisture free.

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Ringside Apex Muay Thai Training Gloves

Ring Side Boxing has been a well known brand in boxing for considerable length of time. They are of high quality and belong to a mid tier price level. These gloves are perfect for amateurs who require quality gloves that are all-round and multifaceted. The Ring Side Apex use PU synthetic leather to make up its hull. It is designed in a way that helps your hands to curve, promoting proper fist posing and striking. As mentioned earlier, they are made from Polyurethane leather that makes no use of animal by-product making them tremendously popular amongst the vegans and environmentalists allowing them to get into the world of fighting without mortifying their morals. Also synthetic leather is easy to clean, maintain and sanitize as compared to genuine leather. This also makes the gloves odorless. It needs a special mention that Ring Side Boxing has come up with a new technology for padding and cooling being developed by them in-house.

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Venum Challenger 2.0 is basically designed for bag and fitness training and light sparring. Therefore, they are best for amateurs and others who want to receive general light training, however they can be used by professionals as well. Skintex leather is used to build its hull. Skintex leather is a kind of leather that falls on the higher end of synthetic leather. The gloves have a very attractive look that resembles real leather. As they are made out of synthetic leather, they are extremely popular amongst the vegans and environmentalists. Moreover, the gloves are easy to maintain as they are made from synthetic leather. They require less washing. Although the gloves doesn’t contain sweat reducing mesh, but it suits the natural shape of your wrists and hands. The large Velcro closure and elastic ensures a tight fit and gives an excellent grip.

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Title is a well known and reputed brand. They are popular amongst the amateurs as well as the professional fighters. The Pro style hull is made up of top full grain leather also known as genuine leather. These gloves are extremely comfortable. As genuine leather is used to develop these gloves, they are durable and long lasting. It holds up under heavy use over long stretch of time. Title uses multi- layered foam for its padding and the padding is located throughout the hull, filling the front, knuckle area and the back of the hand parts. The multi layer shock absorbing foams over the fist and back of hands offer you all the power and coverage that you want in a training glove. Full wrap around twin ply leather wrist strap with hook and loop closure for most extreme security, support and delivery. A satin nylon hand compartment liner repulses moisture and dampness and keeps the gloves fresh between uses.

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Top King Boxing Gloves 

Top King Gloves are all purpose Muay Thai gloves. Top King has its own, unique world recognized style and identity offering extraordinary ease of use, durability and safety. The wrist closures on the gloves are the best in the market. These gloves have a great life span. They may last for a couple of years and more. The glove’s padding is heavy and it gives amazing hand and wrist protection. The gloves are of superior quality. They are modish and comfortable and as mentioned above, they can be considered all purpose gloves used extensively for training as well as sparring. They are noted to withstand vigorous daily training without fail. They are designed in a way that brings down sweating of your hands. These gloves generally don’t have a break-in period, so one need to ensure about the appropriate size right from the start. The multi layered molded shock absorbent foam is useful for highest levels of workouts.

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Hayabusa gloves are immensely popular in the world of boxing for their speed, power, durability and comfort. These are one of the best boxing gloves available in the market. The external shell of the gloves is made up of microfiber leather. This synthetic PU Leather has been proven to perform better in terms of flexibility, surface abrasion, tear and crack resistance than genuine leather. This makes the T3 gloves ready to endure the most thorough preparing and keep going for a long time. The foam layering and composition guarantees maximum shock absorption through its compression. It quickly regains its original shape to be at full strength and capacity for the next hit. This makes the gloves protect your hand and what you are striking hit after hit. The dual strap closure system gives a lace like fit that provides proper wrist support.

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Features to consider while purchasing boxing gloves

Types-There are 5 main types of boxing gloves. One needs to choose them depending on their purpose and intensity of the training sessions

Size-Sizes generally range from 8 oz to 20 oz. the person’s weight determines what weight of gloves they will require. Kindly see the table for details

Weight (kgs) Weight (lbs) Size of Gloves (ounces)
45 or less 100 LBS or Less 8-10 oz
46-54 101-120 LBS 10-12 oz
55-68 121-150 LBS 12-14 oz
69-82 151-180 LBS 14-16 OZ
83 and up 181 LBS & UP 16 oz

 Fit- The gloves should fit your hands appropriately. You need to check how your thumb operates when you wear the gloves

Padding-The padding gives you cushioning and comfort and are usually near the front. Various gloves have various types of padding. Depending on your requirement, you need to choose them

Comfort-The gloves must be comfortable and should also ensure a proper fit. Fitting and comfort should go hand in hand.

Thumb attachment- The thumb attachment is nowadays included in the construction of the gloves only unlike in the older days when boxers had an additional thumb piece connected by leather. This reduces the risk of injuries.

Hand control-One needs to check the flexibility of the gloves, whether you can bend your fingers properly and how well you can block the attacks. If you can pull back speedily and block attacks with ease, that means the gloves provide you proper hand control

Closure- There are mainly two types of closures- Velcro and lace-up. The closures ensure a tight and comfortable fit.

Wrist support and wrist mobility- These are dependent on the level of cushioning. Wrist support and wrist mobility also reduces the risk of injury.

Material-Material definitely determines the level of comfort along with the quality and price. They are developed from different kinds of leather Vinyl, Synthetic leather also known as PU Leather or Real Genuine leather.